Eligible teams must be comprised of properly registered youth players affiliated with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) or the USSF.

Check In

Coaches or Team Managers must report to the score table at each field at least 1/2 hour prior to their first


Players shall be registered to and may compete for only one team during the tournament. Each team may consist of up to 18 players with a maximum of 3 guest players. A revised and final roster, including names, jersey numbers and dates of birth must be submitted to the Field Marshall prior to the teams' first game. Any violation of the above stated information will be cause for forfeiture of all tournament matches.

Uniforms/Player Equipment

All uniforms must have a jersey number. All players are required to wear shin guards. No player shall be allowed to play in a match with an injury which can be aggravated by playing or which constitutes a danger to others. No player wearing a hard cast or splint shall be permitted to play as per CSA guidelines. Referees have no discretion at this point. Knee braces are legal, as other protective orthopedic or prosthetic devices may be worn provided that:

  1. The device is properly fitted.
  2. There is no protruding metal.
  3. The referee of the game determines that the device does not pose a danger to either the player or the other players.


All players wearing orthopedic or prosthetic devices must report to the Field Marshall's table prior to the first game for an official authorization to play.



Each team will be scheduled for a minimum of three games. The tournament director reserves the right to combine age groups to make viable divisions, if necessary.



All tournament games must be played when and where scheduled. It is the team’s responsibility to be at the assigned location on time. Any matches that are a tie at the end of the game will remain a tie. Games are composed of 35 minute halves for U13 - U17 and 30 minutes halves for U12.

Tournament Scoring


Preliminary matches will be scored according to the tournament points listed below. A maximum of ten points can be earned per match. A disqualification or forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 win (8 points). Ties stand in preliminary games.

Win: 6 points
Tie: 3 points
Loss: 0 points
Bonus: 1 point for a shutout (except in the case of a 0-0 tie)
Goals: 1 point per goal scored up to 3 goals




Semi-Final and Championship matches require a winner. Ties will be resolved in 7.5 minutes each way overtime. If it is still tied after overtime, a FIFA shootout will immediately follow.



Substitutions shall be made with the consent of the referee, generally;

  1. Prior to your own team’s throw in.
  2. Prior to either team’s goal kick.
  3. After a goal is scored.
  4. After an injury.
  5. When the referee stops the game to issue a caution.



The referee’s decisions are final. Protests will be considered on matters dealing only with FIFA law. Protests must be submitted in writing to the score table within ½ hour of the conclusion of the match. The Judiciary Committee’s decision will be final. The decision of the tournament director on all other matters are final. No protest or appeal will be accepted after the awards have been presented.

Team Conduct/Behaviour


Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and fans. Lack of control by either (or both) teams can result in the forfeiture of the match and possible disqualification from the tournament. Any coach or player receiving two yellow cards or one red card during the tournament shall be disqualified for the remainder of the match and may be suspended from the next tournament match. The Tournament Judicial Committee may render additional disqualifications. All cards shall be reported to the team’s home association.



  1. CVYSA will appoint the tournament director.
  2. The tournament director will schedule all tournament games.
  3. The tournament director shall have authority to rule on any situation that may arise that is not covered by these rules. 
  4. The entry fee and a current team roster MUST accompany applications for the tournament. The field marshals will process the roster. All tournament applications and fees must be received by the tournament director by due date indicated on registration form. 
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