Congratulations to all the Blitzz teams who competed in the 'Clash of the Titans Tournament' in Invermere.

Special mention to the U14 Boys.....Silver Medalists!!thumbs up

All teams with players aged 13 and up are considered Rep teams and some travel should be expected.  CVYSA currently does not have House soccer for these age groups.  Teams normally attend 3 or 4 tournaments during the season.

Blitzz player fees include shorts, socks and loan of team jersey.

Blitzz tournament fees are divided equally among all players on a team.  Refunds will not be issued to a player who chooses not to attend a tournament.


Coaches will let you know which tournaments they plan to attend.  A list of the most commonly attended tournaments is here.



In March 2013 two Creston teams: U-16 Girls and Boys travelled to Costa Rica.  Here are some highlights:

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  • kootenay-u16-winners.jpg
  • U12.jpg
  • U14.jpg
  • U14B.jpg
  • U18.jpg

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